Fibrous plasterwork

We are fibrous plasterwork specialists


At Tomei & Sons we specialise in the high-quality moulding, installation and repair of architectural features using fibrous plaster and reinforced gypsum.

Types of fibrous plasterwork

Classical designs

We apply traditional plaster and gypsum moulding skills to recreate timeless, classical styles of pillar, arch, cornice, corbel, niche, ceiling and other architectural features.

Bespoke decoration

Using the same techniques and materials, we produce bespoke decorative features to the contemporary designs of interior designers and architects.

Repair and installation

As well as manufacture, we offer a full range of repair and installation services for architectural mouldings, including end-to-end project planning and management.

What is fibrous plastering?

Fibrous plastering is a centuries-old process for decorating internal walls and ceilings. It involves casting architectural features using three materials: casting plaster, wooden laths and hessian or canvas scrim. Features are manufactured in workshops, transported to side and fitted using strong adhesives or mechanical fixings.

Making a cast from a plaster mould for a wave-style ceiling section

Award-winning skills

The history of fibrous plastering stretches back to the 18th century. Today, thanks to its lightweight, resilient and fireproof qualities, this traditional material is still widely used. Techniques for moulding, manufacture and fitting are highly specialised and Tomei & Sons’ award-winning craftsmen undergo many years of on-the-job training.

See our awards for Fibrous Plasterwork

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